Wednesday, 1 August 2012

1st August 2012,

Hi everyone,

Can't belive it's August, where has the summer gone?  Really August is autumn, I know I'm spreading doom and gloom but I have actually seen some trees with their leaves starting to change!!!! 

HEY THE SECRETS ALMOST OUT CHECK MY NEXT POST!!!!  So the fairy house is the which stamp company?
I'm so excited.... there's only one problem, my family just don't seem to get the paper crafting thing.... well not when it means dinner ends up on the table at 9.30 pm and the housework hasn't been done this week!!! My Mum really can't get the whole papercrafting concept. " Mum, so what do you think of this great project I've just completed?"....." Yes....mmmmm...well what is it for and what do you do with it?" You have to love her she is not at all creative!!!

Well here is my work desk, quite tidy for me I think!! (only because I have just finished a project and had a clean around).

Hope you like the was great fun to do.

Now I will  go to Julia's blog  and have a look at every ones workdesk in the wonderful world of crafting.........and dont forget to check my other post to see who the stamp company I will be doing work for is!!


  1. You beat me posting today! Oh Julie it is amazing! There is so much detail. You are very clever indeed. I am looking forward to Sunday. Take care xx

  2. I am also an avid gardener and people who don't garden don't get that either, funny! #109 Cool project here.

  3. This is just so sweet. I will show it to my grandaughter (the ponygirl06) She is going to love this.

  4. now this is cute!! beautiful work - thanks for sharing!
    happy WOYWW :)
    no. 67

  5. That house is just sooo cute!!!! Trish #10

  6. Wow, we love this. So colourful and creative

    The bears #98

  7. OMG, what a cute project. It's adorable!!!!


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