Thursday, 26 July 2012

July26th 2012,

So this has turned out to be WOYWT(what's on your work desk thursday)!!  I'm just so busy can't find time for anything.  Doing overtime at work, trying to grab a half hour here and there to sit in the sun (before it disappears again) and getting some of these crafting projects done.
So can't tell you what projects on my desk as it's a secret remember!!  But the secret maybe out very soon.
Nearly finished another mini album using the crafty individuals bits and bobs.  Will have those tutuorials up on my blog soon.

Will try to visit julia's blog and get onto some of your desks to see what your all doing this week.
Happy crafting


  1. I woke up early yesterday so sat in bed and posted. Its the earliest I have ever been! Enjoy the sun. xx

  2. I just love looking around craft rooms etc no matter which day it is! Happy WOYWT! Karen T 66 x

  3. I can't imagine what your secret project is, Julie! Go on... give us another clue...

    I never think it's too late to post or comment if you're within the last few seconds before midnight and the launch of the next WOYWW lol!! That's how close run a thing it was for me last week, visiting every desk. It was a mammoth task and probably never to be repeated but I did have fun! There's so much talent and so much variety out there in the WOYWW family that I couldnl't possibly say what inspired me the most.

    Happy belated WOYWW,
    Shoshi #51

  4. Hi Julie thanks for popping to see me - We don't have any plans for our 30th as yet. it is on the 18th of December so our anniversaries always tend to get overrun with Christmas! I have been trying to find out what you are working on but I feel the need to be able to zoom in a bit! The piece at the front almost looks like a mini mosaic. Nope..... well I will just have to wait for the reveal! Have great week. Happy WOYWWT from Helen 39

  5. Well I can't guess what you're up to...but then there's so much talent and creations happen on a WOYWWer's desk that it isn't any wonder.
    I'm struggling with my time too lately...if only I didn't have to sleep!
    I'll wait with baited breath to see what your secret reveal will be ;D
    Happy Belated WOYWT or should that be WOYWF by now!
    Enjoy the weekend and the Olypmics ~ we'll be watching here in Melbourne but it will probably be silly-o-clock! :D
    Neesie #20

  6. I can't tell what you are up to, either, but I am intrigued! It looks like you have a nice big surface for crafting on though. I was able to get my post up on time last week but I wasn't able to visit any other blogs until the last few days so here I am, better late than never, right? :) You know what I'm talkin' about. ;)Anyways, hope you can take a sec and pop by my desk, feel free to make fun, its way messy! lol
    Deeyll #144

  7. I can't figure out what so many of you are secretive about... #102


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