Monday, 27 August 2012

25 August 2012

Hi My crafty friends,

I've been using some of my favourite stamps again...those being crafty Individuals. Also used in this project is the A4 Nostalgia 2 sheet which has some beautiful vintage images.

Here are the photos of the finished album

I have just done a video which shows how to decorate the very easy and quick mini album that I did a tutorial on. It's directed towards beginners so if you've never made a mini album before now's the time. 

The album construction is on the you tube video which you'll find here
The stamps and images are from

Friday, 24 August 2012

24th August 2012,

Hi crafty friends,

Hope your week is going well.

My latest you tube video tutorial is using Visible Image stamps and it is a card which is also a gift card holder.

The great thing is that you can put gift cards inside or cash or even make the card with sayings or poems and put in one of those little plastic cards that look like credit cards but have little saying on them(you can get them in card shops).  They could be to family or friends, just to say hello or how are you, get well, thank you or just to cheer someone's day up.

I have done mine with the men in mind to show off some of Visible images wonderful men's stamps.
Hope you all like it and will have a go at one yourself.
Go to my you tube channel for the tutorial.

And here are the photos.......

 Front cover

You can add cash or a gift card

The mens stamps are really great 

You can add a message on the panel and on the tag that fits
in the pocket

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

14th August 2012,

 Hi everyone,

I am here to tell you about my latest project which is for Visible Image stamps at
Helen and Mark have been kind enough to include me in their design team and I have been busy making my 1st project for them...the first of many, I hope.  Here are the photos of the file folder I made to store the stamps in.

When the stamps arrive they are packed in little plastic envelopes so I have used these to store the stamps within the file. I hope you will try to make one for yourself  I know that as well as looking good in your craftroom it will be very useful too.
The tutorials on how to make the file start to finish are at my you tube channel

Here are the photos....

Monday, 13 August 2012

13th August 2012,

As promised here is a list of the stamps used in the Lavinia 3D card in a box.  See the post below for details of the project and details of where to find the tutorials.

I'd like to take this opportunity to thank Tracey for giving me the chance to create for you all with one of my favourite stamp companies.

Here is the list
Fairy dust word
Fairy dust is like love
Fairy words
Have a fairy happy birthday
Autumn fall
Trailing Ivy
Fairy wish
Hobbit home
Hop skip and a jump silhouette

Have yourselves a Fairy happy crafting day!!!!
12 August 2012,

Hi everyone,

Just letting you know about my latest project.
It's for Lavinia stamps, using their gorgeous fairies.
Is it a card or a gift??  well there's one thing it is and that's different.  The main feature is that is has a cute 3D image inside and is stored in its very own special box. 

The tutorials are up on my you tube channel so you can have a go at making your own.

But 1st I'll show you the photos........

Hope you all like it.  But don't foget to look at the videoTutorials.  My you tube channel is
Have a good crafty day.

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

8th August 2012

Hi everyone,

Had a busy week crafting this week.  Lots to do for Lavinia and crafty Individuals.  Have a look at the vintage mini I have just completed on my last post. 
Work has been mad, people off sick and a whole shop to move around for new season.  I seem to be shattered all the time. 

Took a break on sunday to go to a lovely local craft show where all the crafts are judged, a bit like at a fate.  I went with my friend Fab friend Chris and we didn't stop chatting all day had the most wonderful biggest slice of homemade coffee and walnut cake  I have ever eaten (this is the yearly ritual at this show,  but I'm sure the slices were even bigger than usual!!!)  There are such a lot of quality crafts there and old fashioned ones and the people are always so friendly, we have a chat to them all about their wonderful talents.  Thanks Chris for a brill day.

Went to photogragh a HUGE field of poppies my partner had spotted on his travels around Dorset.  It was an amazing site. Here are a couple of my photos.....

I know my head look a bit funny but I forgot I had my glasses perched on top of it!!!

So to my work desk...

Doing a project for Lavina stamps which I will post soon.  If I can get some energy from some where to finish it!!!
Off to Julia's site to look at some desks now while I have a cuppa,

Have a great  week.

Saturday, 4 August 2012

4th August 2012,

Hi everyone,

I have just finished a vintage album using Crafty Individuals stamps and papers.  Some of my favourite stamps are included in this one.  Hope you like it and will have a go yourself following my instructions.  I have done the instructions with begginers in mind so you can see how I go about decorating the album to some extent.  Of course it also shows the construction of the pages for those who are more advanced.

So if you have never made a mini album before now's your chance, here's the video showing the finished mini and then you can follow the videos one by one on my  you tube channel until you have completed the project.

Friday, 3 August 2012

3rd August 2012

Hi everyone,

THE SECRET IS OUT... I left the little house out on my desk overnight and what do you think I found in the morning when I got up?!!!


Well I can't say I blame them, I wouldn't mind living there myself !
Have a look at my last post here for more photos of the fairy house and the video on my youtube channel

So yes you guessed it I am going to do some videos tutorials using the fabulous Lavina stamps...simply can't wait to get going with lots of ideas so keep an eye out on this blog and my you tube channel (hannahjulienigel).

Wednesday, 1 August 2012

1st August 2012,

Hi everyone,

Can't belive it's August, where has the summer gone?  Really August is autumn, I know I'm spreading doom and gloom but I have actually seen some trees with their leaves starting to change!!!! 

HEY THE SECRETS ALMOST OUT CHECK MY NEXT POST!!!!  So the fairy house is the which stamp company?
I'm so excited.... there's only one problem, my family just don't seem to get the paper crafting thing.... well not when it means dinner ends up on the table at 9.30 pm and the housework hasn't been done this week!!! My Mum really can't get the whole papercrafting concept. " Mum, so what do you think of this great project I've just completed?"....." Yes....mmmmm...well what is it for and what do you do with it?" You have to love her she is not at all creative!!!

Well here is my work desk, quite tidy for me I think!! (only because I have just finished a project and had a clean around).

Hope you like the was great fun to do.

Now I will  go to Julia's blog  and have a look at every ones workdesk in the wonderful world of crafting.........and dont forget to check my other post to see who the stamp company I will be doing work for is!!