Saturday, 4 January 2014

Hi every one,

Firstly I must wish you all a very happy new year.

It's time to take down all those christmas decorations, and oh dosen't it look bare when they are gone.  It just seems like yesterday we were putting them up, where does the time go!!!!

Well we have another year to look forward to.....great new products and new companies to try out and all those things you have meant to try out and  haven't got around to yet....perhaps make this year the time to do them.

There is some sad news, I have finished working with the Visible Image design team after a year and a half of great fun.  The design team are a scream, especially Sue who should be in comedy!!!! I will miss them.  I wish them all good luck for the coming year with whatever they do.  Helen and Mark who own Visible Image are the nicest couple you could meet and they work so very hard.  I'm sure this year will be a very good one for them.

Now to why I have posted are some pictures of the album that I was commisssioned to make.   I have a you tube video on my channel (sadly it is not a tutorial this time).  It will show the album in more detail if you are interested.

And here are the photos......



Have a great crafty week......
Hugs Julie x


  1. awwww bless you Julie :).......sorry its come to an end and all the very best for 2014.....Happy New Year xxx


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