Sunday, 30 September 2012


Today I'm posting a mixed media canvas I did for my friend Chris.
Iwanted to do this as she suffers from M.E. and sometimes struggles with day to day things due to her illness.  However she always keeps a brave face and is almost always smiley and happy.  She is a great friend to me and I did this so she could hang it in her craft room.  Hopefully it will cheer her up on the more gloomy days.  

I am  entering it into a challenge on Limor Webbers Blog which has to include a recycled house hold item.  I have used the ribbon end fluffy fused end of the netting that comes on fruit and used it as the fluffy looking centre of the large flower ( I died it and the ribbon with alcohol Inks).  Also I used the middle of a toilet roll to die cut the letters.  

I used gesso, acrylics, rub ons stamps, multimedium, inks, alcohol inks and papers etc.
I would have tried to get some unity stamps as they look great but it was too late by the time I saw the challenge.

Go to limors great blog she is very talented and has loads of you tube videos you can check out.  The link is



  1. Oh Julie, thank you so much, its so gorgeous!! I can't believe its for me! You are such a good friend - I tried to phone but couldn't get you so will try again later. Thank you again, I feel all warm and fuzzy! xxx

  2. Well I can see from the above response that she is thrilled to be getting such a wonderful gift. Love the use of recycled items on the mix media canvas! waving hi from the hills of North Carolina :)

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