Wednesday, 12 September 2012

12th september 2012

Hi everyone,

An eventful week this week. I bought a lovely bike from a friend who wasn't using it anymore and was so pleased to eventually have one with decent gears and a frame that actually fitted my size!!!
Went out the first night and fell off......Knee looks like an elephants, swollen and scabby and I have been hobbling around for the last 4 days.  But on the plus side I still made the bike ride to the pub although it was a bit painful on the way back!!!

It's also been my daugther Hannah's 20th birthday so we all went out to celebrate.  Here's a photo of the birthday girl...

Hannah and friend!!!

So What's on my work desk this's back to it's usual messy state, still working on that Ladies diary album.
So I'm off now to julias site to have a look at all that work desk wonder......


  1. Desk still looks interesting. sorry to hear about your accident, but just get back on. Francesca #99

  2. Ouch... Hope your knee gets better soon. Happy birthday to your lovely daughter and lastly what is a Ladies Diary Album? I'm intrigued...

    Thank you for stopping by
    Emily #104

  3. Oh dear for the knee, lots of cold compresses on it methinks! Lovely pic of your daughter and I like her friend very much - lol. Your desk looks very creative to me. Happy Woyww, Anne x #82

  4. Hope the knee improves and how happy Hannah looks. Happy birthday, Hannah.
    xx Sue 87

  5. Oh you poor thing, falling off the bike and hurting your knee! The desk looks busy and waiting for some work to be done. :-) Brigita #133

  6. Oh you poor girl, now you fell off on the way to the pub? therefore you needed a drink to kill the pain. I would of understood if you fell off on the way home from the pub because the liquor made you do it. LOL I do hope you learn to drink and ride safely. LOL

    Nice creative desk in the happening you have, thanks for sharing and giving me a giggle.

    Eliza #93

  7. oh dear falling off that isn't good.
    i hope you got straight back on again. I went to a roller skating disco at the weekend ... oh my bruises!
    your desk looks very busy
    thanks for sharing
    janet #37

  8. Drunk in charge of a bike! Oh dear! Only joking. Sorry about the knee, guess that was naot funny.
    Lovely photo of a pretty daughter.
    Thanks for sharing Hugs, Neet 17 xx

  9. I love a busy desk ...looks like a lot of creative goodies. Ouch, hope your knee was ok and you all had a fun time even through the fall. Thanks for visiting.


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