Wednesday, 18 July 2012

18th July 2012


Well whats on my work desk???   A MESSSSSSS!!!!!!

just take a look!

Well apart from the mini in a box which you can see on my last 2 posts it's just awful.  I have come to that stage where there is only 2" to work so I'd best have a clear up.

I have been working with the crafty Indivduals goodies and will soon have my 2nd tutorial project up on video for you. 

BUT I HAVE SOME MORE EXCITING NEWS!!!   It's a secret till I've finished this project which is why my desks in a state......I'm in the draft stage of chopping up bits of paper to make a pattern!!!

All I will say is that it's another big stamp company, one of my absolute favourites which  I'm sure you all love!!!!   News will follow soon....I have big ideas (that I hop I can pull off!!)...we shall see.

Off to Julia's site to have a look at your desks...Hope they're tidier than mine.!!!


  1. Your desk looks like a fun mess! But 2" may not be enough, I usually need at least 4", lol. Have a great week!! -Mari #106

  2. Your desk looks like it's full of creative clutter, so that's just about right! :) good luck with your secret project!

    Happy Wednesday!

    Zildara #111

  3. Loving your messy desk and can't wait to see your secret project! I'm very curious indeed! I haven't done WOYWW this week, hopefully next week though. Luv Chris xx

  4. How exciting! Can't wait to hear the news! -Meechelle #121

  5. how exciting! cannot wait to see what your secret project is! messes can be fun!

    Lisa #128

  6. Maybe you can answer a question for me? Do I need a pink ATG and a yellow one??!!

    Love the mess have fun

    Jakix #118

  7. Julie, I know the 2 inch syndrome so well! I actually have a big table, but am only able to work on a small area of it, because of the rather unsatisfactory layout of my room (not to mention the clutter lol!!). You are being Very Mysterious about wht you are doing - but no doubt all will be revealed in due course...

    Thanks for your visit, and how thrilling that you got your Dylusions inks this morning! Glad my post inspired you, and it is very exciting breaking the seals on the bottles, lining them up and getting started! Be warned, you need to cut lots of pieces of paper before you start, because you need it for mopping up, laying on top of sheets to blot them off, etc. That way you waste less. And yes, the famous kitchen roll! I'm now busy trying to think up ways of using the huge quantity of Technicolour Dreamcoat paper that I've generated from just one session lol! (Wallpaper the house, maybe...) Another warning - Highly Addictive. Approach at your own risk ROFL!!!

    Have fun anyway!

    Happy WOYWW,
    Shoshi #3

  8. 2" of space isn't a lot to work with, I need at least 12" waving hi from the hills of North Carolina :) #50

  9. A girl after my own heart, 2in space to work in great. you will love the dylusions, I had abit of a spraying sess last night. Francesca #93

  10. Ha! My desk is soooo much of a mess! I can relate to a 2" space!!!!

    Happy WOYWW
    Kay #36


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