Friday, 29 June 2012

29 June 2012

Hi, everyone,

I am just posting a few more photos of the beach hut album, which  as we speak is winging it's way to it's new owner.
I am trying to get on with the graphic 45 old curiosity shoppe album in a box but I feel like everything may be on hold as today I must pressure wash my back garden( oh joy of joys!!) I surpose you have to do something other than crafting at some time,  just to show willing!!!  Now I have started a new job soI have work tommorrow then out Sunday work mon,tues,wed then down to my daughters to help her pack for two days.  She is moving into a house share after having her own flat for a year she will find it a little strange I'm sure.  Saturday my partner in crime Chris is coming with me to Newbury show..can't wait.  Hope to find lots of crafting goodies.  Then Sunday back to Hannahs to bring back all her things we need to store!!! 

I will be shattered,  but worst of all there will be no time for crafting all week unless I can find some enery to do a bit after work.

Anyhow, enough of my's the photos.


  1. Hope you do find some time to play.Have fun buying thiose goodies!
    Judy #82

  2. Fab piccies! You are going to be sooo busy! We will have a fab day on Saturday though. I can't wait! Luv Chris xx

  3. Hi Julie. It was nice seeing you again. Enjoyed the Newbury show but not the soggy drive home. Looking forward to having a crafty day playing with my new crafty goodies. Best wishes from Marly. X


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