Thursday, 24 May 2012

Hi everyone,

I haven't been posting latley as I have been ill and have felt like doing a lot of nothing!!! Had over a week of coughing constantly and had about 2 hours sleep, if that a night so I felt and looked awful. Then a bad ear infection developed and I haven't been able to hear hardly anything for over a week, but now I am on my third lot of antibiotics hopefully that might sort things out.  I can almost hear in one side now, of course with an ear infection it makes you very dizzy and disorientated so after all this I just want to feel well again!

Well after all this time I will post you a couple of photos from our holiday in Pembrokeshire back in March.  We had a great time the weather was good and we loved the villages we stayed in.  Pembrokeshire has the most beautiful, remote beaches, unspoilt and wild.  Some have enormous expances of sand when the tide is out and brilliant rock formations to get some fab photos (poor Nigel has to stand about while I do my David Bailey thing).  We also did a walking with hawks where we could have the hawks fly to the glove while we walked around

After having such a great holiday we came back to find out that sadly a friend had died while we were away, our daughter had split up with her boyfriend and that I would be made redudant in June.

Sorry all doom and gloom in this post but here are some lovely photos.......


  1. ooh the photo's are lovely! I hope Hannah is coping better now, bless her! xx

  2. I hope the latest round of antibiotics does the trick for you. The dizziness is tough, not to mention all the other symptoms!

    I love these photos. Thanks for sharing with us.


  3. Love your photos sad to hear you are unwell (((hugs))) from Australia Sandy :)

  4. Good to hear that you are feeling a little bit better. Like that beach


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