Thursday, 16 February 2012

Hi everyone,

Things have come to a bit of a stand still with my crafting for now.  I have tried to do the tutorial on the slider from the ripleys album but something goes wrong everytime I do it!!!
The phone rings or the edit goes wrong or Ive even formatted the wrong memory card and wiped the finished video off my camera!!!!  Is fate trying to tell me something?  I'm beginning to wonder!!

I will try again when I come back from Portugal.

I'm off to keep my mum company for a couple of weeks.  Leaving my other half at home with a freezer full of ready meals!!!??  Last year when I went he managed to get fed by all of our friends and I'd put lovely home cooked stuff in the freezer, all still there on my return .....this time I just hit the supermarket much easier!!

Will get some posts up again when I get back rested and ready to go.

Enjoy your crafting over the next few weeks.

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  1. You do look after Nigel well! Have a fab holiday. See you when you get back. Luv Chris xx


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