Monday, 9 January 2012

This album is one I made for some friends that were having their 1st baby. I thought that rather than making an album about the baby's first months I would do something different and do one for the pregnancy.  I tiled it Lisa and martins Bump... the story starts here.

The second photo shows a page for nursery ideas with a pocket for info and tags for journaling. The next shows a pocket with a tag which lifts up for a photo.
Then there is a pocket with tags for top 10 girls and boys name choices. The bear holding the sign has a 4 week span eg 16- 20 weeks, I then left that page for info and photos of that ever growing bump. Each 4 weeks were also covered.

Next is a criss cross tag pocket insert with tags and a stamped image which says life is full of new beginings. On the reverse of that page I put a special pocket to hold their scan pictures and later on in the album a pocket page for appointment cards etc. Also included where pages where they could record each persons thoughts and ones from friends and family.

The next page you can see is a gate fold which holds a 6x4 picture and on the outside are mini tags saying hello baby.

Lastly shown is a when and where page so they could fill in the date and time hospital etc., on the back of the insert tag a place to record memories of the birth day.

The stamps I used were penny black bears and I just bound it with my Bind it all and added some ribbons to the wires.

Everyone loved the idea of recording the pregnancy, something that you don't normally do and I'm sure that the baby (which was a little girl) will love to look at it when she is older.

Sorry the Photos are not the best but I'm sure you can make out most of the details.

Hope you'll have a go at one yourself when someone you know is having a baby, 


  1. This album is so bright and gorgeous! I bet she loved it! Her daughter will love looking at it when she is older too xxx

  2. A lovely idea - great colours too?
    Gigha x


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